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Q) Why does a message get "quarantined", and how much control do I have over that?

A) The cloud-based spam defense engine is a collection of algorithms that is designed to intelligently identify risky ("phishing"), illegitimate ("spoofing"), or plain annoying ("spam") messages. We set a default level for the Spam Settings that we find works very well as a balance between too strict and too lenient, but you can always adjust these settings by logging into your account and going to Settings > Spam.

Q) How do I know which messages have been automatically quarantined, and how can I release a message from quarantine to my inbox?

A) The default setting is that you will receive a Digest to your inbox twice daily that will indicate any messages which have been newly quarantined (since the previous digest), and it includes the options to either 'Release' the individual message immediately to your inbox, or 'Release and Approve' which both releases the message but also adds the sending address to your Safe Sender list. Be extra cautious with any messages that you have to release from quarantine - they may be legitimate, but often times they are just intentionally crafted to appear that way. And be very, very, very careful about clicking any suspicious links or attachments, especially in a message that was originally quarantined! Please feel free to submit a ticket to <mailto:help@nms1.net>help@nms1.net for assistance with inspecting a suspicious message that you think might be legitimate.

Q) How can I block all messages from a specific address, or whole domain?

A) Log into your account and go to Settings > Sender Lists > Blocked Sender List, and follow the provided instructions to add new entries.

Q) What is the "Emergency Inbox"?

A) Emergency Inbox is a feature that enables you send and reply to new messages in the event that your organization's regular mail environment is unavailable. It is only for new messages until the regular mail environment is restored to operational.